The AIWF Foundation


The AIWF Foundation’s board of directors is made up of:

Tom Potter, New York, Chairman
Drew Jaglom, New York , Secretary
Jackie Allen, Pennsylvania, Treasurer
Scott Hunt, New York
Christopher Papagni, New York
Lisa Lipton, California (ex officio, as Chair of the American Institute of Wine & Food)


The AIWF Foundation is dedicated to understanding and celebrating the pleasures, benefits, and traditions of the table. The purpose of the Foundation is to improve the quality of food and drink for all people and to initiate, support and foster the study of food and drink including, but not limited to, the history and aesthetics of gastronomy.

The AIWF Foundation was created by the board of the American Institute of Wine and Food, a national membership organization founded by Julia Child and Robert Mondavi in 1981, with which it shares its mission and vision.

The AIWF Foundation currently administers 7 scholarships in the culinary field and will increase its activities in the years to come.

Groups Served

The AIWF Foundation seeks to serve all who live in the United States by supporting education about what we eat and drink. Scholarships and internships provided by The AIWF Foundation are open to any student at the culinary institutions represented (currently The Institute for Culinary Education; The French Culinary Institute; the International Culinary Center, and the American Distillers Institute) without discrimination.

How Funds are Solicited

All current funds were provided either by board members of The AIWF Foundation or by regional chapters of The American Institute of Wine and Food. Future funds will come primarily from the same sources as well as individual members of The American Institute of Wine and Food.


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